1.5 kW Solar Power/ Panel System in Geraldton and Busselton, WA

1.5 kW Solar Panel

1.5 kW solar power system was a popular system in Australia until 2011. It is cheap, small in size and takes less roof space. These qualities made it the most convenient solar system in Western Australia. But in recent years, the demand for 3kW, 5kW, 6kW solar panels have received a hike. Well, it doesn’t mean that 1.5kw solar system for home is neglected. These solar systems are suitable for a home with a single companion or the modification of an existing solar panel system.

1.5 KW Solar Power/ Panel Systems Installation and Repair in Geraldton and Busselton WA

The solar panel system generates electricity by converting solar energy into power. For installing the 1.5 kW solar systems, you must focus on the requirements of solar panel installation. The 1.5kw solar panel can generate 6kWh per day. But many factors can affect the power generation rate of the system.

  • The amount of water vapor and dust in the air
  • How much cloud cover
  • Any shading of the solar panels
  • The quality of the solar modules

Hence at the time of installing the solar panel system, you must notice if the shade is present on-site or not. Also, check if the roof area is sufficient for installing a solar panel.

A 1.5kW solar panel covers the 11marea, and this area is commonly available at houses in Geraldton and Busselton. Also, the panels must be mounted in the direction in which it receives maximum sunlight during peak hours. Apart from these conditions, the solar panels must be fixed correctly. We provide high quality 1.5kW solar panel kit and installation services.

Solar panels are subject to damage if precautions are not taken. Also, cleaning these panels is mandatory for retaining efficiency. Our team will inspect the site, clean, and repair the system with safety. You can trust us as we are serving customers in Geraldton and Busselton for ten years.

How much will a 1.5kW solar panel systems cost In Geraldton and Busselton WA?

1.5kW Solar system price is $3000 without solar rebate and $2100 with solar rebate. However, the total cost of fully installed solar panels may vary depending on the quality of solar panels. The average 1.5kW solar panel price is $2100-$5700.

1.5 kW Solar Panel System for Your Home in Geraldton and Busselton, WA

The solar panel system is suitable for everyone, including residential and commercial sites. But the 1.5kW solar system is designed or home with 1-2 occupants. 1.5kw solar panel area is lesser than other solar panels. Installation of solar panels will save your money and provide you with clean energy. It can generate approximately 6kWh/ day.

We have standard 1.5kw solar system off-grid and on-grid systems that suit your home requirements. Our team will visit the site or confirm on the call about house specifications and characteristics. Our team consists of experts who understand every aspect of installing a solar panel at home. We will inspect the area for mounting a 1.5kW solar panel system to ensure the high efficiency of the system.

Contact Us Now For Best 1.5 kW Solar System in Geraldton and Busselton, WA

If you want to install the 1.5kW solar panel system at your home at the best price, then contact us. We hold the experience of more than ten years, which is rarely found in other companies in the area. Our services are available around Australia. Besides, the dedicated team will assist you in selecting the right panel quality and size for your system. We also provide cleaning services at the best deals.

1.5kw solar Systems/ Panels FAQ:

  • What are the dimensions of the 1.5kw solar panel?

The 1.5kw solar panel size is 1.6 x 1m if you are installing 250 Watt solar panels in the system. More wattage of the solar panels more will be the size. The total number of solar panels will be around 5-6, depending on the wattage of the panels used.

  • How much energy does a 1.5kw solar power system can produce?

The output efficiency of the system is subject to change depending on various factors. A 1.5kW solar panel system can produce an average of 6kWh per day and approx. 2190 units annually. If geographical conditions are not suitable and also less amount of sunlight falling on panels at peak hours, then the system will produce 15-20% less energy.

  • What Equipments can a 1.5kW solar system run?

A 1.5kW solar panel system can take the load Up to 1200 watts of power with a combination of – 20 Led lights, 5 Ceiling Fans, 2 Television, one mixer, one refrigerator, and a Laptop/Mobile Charging.

The backup time will be as follows.

Load500 W400 W300 W200 W100 W
Duration4 hrs 20 mint6 hrs9 hrs15 hrs36 hrs
  • How much area 1.5kw solar panels take on your roof?

Typically, a 1.5kW solar panel system will take about 11m2 area of your roof.

  • What is the average payback period for a 1.5kw solar panel?

The figure depends on your location and the price you are paying for installing and purchasing the solar panels. You can expect the return period to be five years. Contact the professional installer and get the correct details of the solar panel payback period.

  • Does Roof orientation matter for installing a 1.5kW solar system?

The roof orientation matters a lot; if your roof is south facing, then it can produce less energy in comparison with the north-facing the house. Before installing the solar panels, you will need to consider all the scenarios.

  • What type of warranty comes with the 1.5kW solar system?

The warranty of the products and craftsmanship for a 1.5kW solar panel system is given below:

  1. Solar Panels: product warranty-10 years, 25-year performance guarantee
  2. Mounting System: 10-year product warranty (by manufacturer)
  3. Inverter: 5 – 10-year warranty.
  4. Workmanship: 5-year warranty on workmanship (by the installer)

The efficiency of the solar panels may decrease due to dust and other factors that restrict the sunlight falling on panels. Regular cleaning and washing these panels will retain the warranty of the product.

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