1kW Solar Panel System Price in Geraldton and Busselton

When considering Household scale solar power systems, 1 KW solar system is the smallest and least powerful among all. This domestic solar panel system is rarely found in the area. But they are best for up-gradation of the existing solar power systems. A 1kw solar system can generate an average of 1100-1800 kWh of electricity per year. This system consists of various solar panels of different sizes. However, these solar panels are not considered for a typical Aussie family. It is suitable for the houses consuming very little energy during day time.

1kW Solar Panel Systems Installation

Installation of a 1kw solar system for home is easy in comparison to other sizes of the solar system. It requires the least number of solar panels, batteries, and inverters. But the factors to install the solar panels remain the same. The panels must be oriented to the direction where they will receive maximum sunlight during peak hours of the day.

If the solar panels are not installed properly, or proper instructions are not followed, then it will not produce the estimated energy. The factor must be considered before installing the solar power system at home. The professional installers are trained to install the panels at the rooftop with sufficient safety equipment. They check all the measures which can affect the productivity of the 1 KW solar systems.

1kW Solar Panel Repair in Geraldton and Busselton WA

Aftercare of the solar panels is also a necessity for the homeowners. The solar system can work efficiently if panels are clean and intact. The bird droppings, mud, and stains may decrease the output of the order by 30-40%. The stains can be removed easily by clean water and sponge. The solar panels require less maintenance, but sand storms or fast winds may damage the panels. So for proper maintenance, you must hire a professional for cleaning service once or twice in a year, depending on the weather conditions. He will inspect if there is any crack or fire risk in the system and fix it immediately to retain the efficiency of the system.

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1kW Solar Panel Price in Geraldton and Busselton WA

The 1kw solar system price in Geraldton and Busselton is about $1.68/watt. The price may vary depending on the manufacturer and solar panels quality you have selected. The 1 KW, solar system price, depends on various factors listed below.

  • Equipment: The cost of solar panels affects the overall price of the solar power system. The solar panels and inverters with high efficiency are expensive. The benefits of highly efficient equipment are worth adding to the cost. These panels produce more electricity in comparison to cheap solar panels.
  • Permits and Labor: The cost of taking permission for connecting with the grid is another factor affecting the overall price. Also, labor charges are different in every city. The designing system, filing permits, coordinating site visits, and solar panel installation require money.
  • Characteristics of home: Another cost deciding factor is your property characteristics. If your rooftop is inclined at 30degree and is south facing, then the solar system will be installed easily without any additional accommodation. Also, the area of the roof must be equal or bigger than 1kw solar panel size. But if the criteria are not fulfilled, then additional installation efforts must be made. So the money will be required in this case. It will increase the total price.

1kW Solar Panel System Output

Undoubtedly, the amount of sunshine the solar panel system is receiving at your home is an essential factor for determining the energy produced by the system. Also, the solar panel works great during winters in Geraldton and Busselton. The 1 KW solar power systems can generate 4-5 kWh power in a day. But many factors may decrease the output of the system, and some of them are listed below.

  • Location and climate of the site
  • The actual temperature of the panels (The heat may decrease the efficiency of panels by 20-30%)
  • Actual performance of panels and inverter
  • Orientation and tilt angle of panels
  • Presence or absence of shade

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1kw Solar Systems/ Panels FAQ

  • How much does a 1kw solar panel cost?

The installation price of 1 KW solar panel is $1.68 per watt. However, the total 1kw solar panel price depends on the components, installer, and location.

  • What are the measurements of the 1kw solar panel?

The size of the system depends on the 1kw solar panel area, as well as the number of panels used. If the panels of size 250 Watt are used then, four panels will make a total of 1 KW solar system. 1.6 m2 is the required area for a 1kw solar panel. The regular solar panel size for 1kw is 1.6 x 1 m, and this size will increase for the panels with more wattage.

  • What is the capacity of a 1kw solar power system?

The 1kw solar panel capacity is about 5 kWh per day. It is suitable for the minimal daytime energy consumption needs of a small house.

  • How much energy does a 1kW solar system produce?

1 KW solar power system can provide the average electricity of 4kW during summer and 5kW in the winters. The solar panel output is 1100-1800 kWh per year.

  • What is the average payback period for a 1kw solar panel?

The average payback period for this solar panel is 3-5 years, depending on the power consumption of the home.

  • How much is the lifespan of the 1kW solar panel after I install it at home?

The solar panel comes with a warranty of 5 years. Also, the 25 years performance warranty is given by all the manufacturers.

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