2kW PV Panels Installation, Geraldton and Busselton

Electricity generation through solar power systems is ordinary in Western Austria. These systems are available in different sizes based on the energy requirement of a home.

2 KW solar system can cover the needs of a small home. It can produce the energy needed by one to three people living in a house. These systems are also used as integration to existing solar systems to upgrade them. The output rate of this system is different from the larger ones. The expected annual power generated by 2 KW, solar power systems, is about 1880 kWh annually.

2kW Solar Power/ Panel Systems Price in Geraldton and Busselton WA

The price of a 2kw solar system for home has fallen over the decade in Geraldton and Busselton. The total cost depends on the supplier’s installation charges and the qualities of solar panels used. There are three types of solar panels used widely in Western Australia.


These solar cells are expensive among all the solar panels. The efficiency of these cells is around 18-22%.


These cells have an efficiency of about 13-17%, and it is cheaper than the Monocrystalline cells.

Amorphous solar panels

These solar cells are cheaper among all the available cells in Australia. The efficiency of the cells is lower at 9%. But the cells are more efficient in low-light.

The efficiency of the panels reflects the power generation rate. If a solar panel has an efficiency of 18%, then it can produce 180 watts for every m2. The solar panel size for 2kw remains the same. You can select any of the above solar panels to make 2 KW solar power systems for the home. Each manufacturer takes different charges for its services. The overall 2KW solar system price is about $2100- $5700. This cost includes all the expenses such as GST, installation price, and more.

2kW Solar Power/ Panel Systems Installation and Repair in Geraldton and Busselton WA

Professional installers must do the installation and repair of the 2KW solar power system. The manufacturer detects geographical conditions and then installs the solar panels at a suitable location. It requires less area for 2kw solar panel installation.

The solar system usually installed on the rooftop. But the presence of shade on the roof, angle of panel inclination, and other factors may restrict from the installation on the rooftop. The professional team considers all the measures and installs the system in the right place.

Once the system is installed at home, the owner must take care of the panels. However, the panels come with 25 years of warranty, but the regular inspection is needed. The solar panels must be cleaned at regular intervals to retain the functionality of the panels.

Hire a professional for the installation and repair of the solar system to avoid any risk. He can detect crack and another hazard in the solar system and fix it immediately. Our cost of installation and repair services are affordable.

How do I get a return from 2kW solar panel systems?

Investing a considerable amount of $2100-$5700 on the Solar system will not only give you clean electricity but also present you with a good ROI. You will need to install the solar system from the authorized installer. Once the payback period of the order comes, you will get paid for the excess energy produced by the system.

A 2 KW, solar system payback period, is about 4-5 years in Australia. The house owner will get the profit only after the payback period. The annual savings will be around $422 if the customer is self-consuming 50% of the electricity produced. The savings may increase depending on the power consumption and the change in charges of electricity.

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2kW solar Systems/ Panels FAQ:

  1. How much does a 2kw solar panel cost?

The average 2kw solar panel price is around $2100-$5700. The cost of the installation may vary in Geraldton and Busselton, depending on the factors such as geographical conditions, manufacturer, insurance, and type of solar panels installed.

  • What is the Dimension of the 2kw solar panel?

The 2kw solar panel size is 1.6 x 1 m. If a solar panel of 250W is used to make a 2KW solar system, then eight nos. Solar panels will be required. It will cover the 13-14m2 area on your roof. The number of solar panels may increase or decrease depending on the power of the solar panel.

  • What is the capacity of a 2kw solar power system?

A 2 KW solar power system can generate an average of 8kWh energy per day. It is capable of producing 1800-3000 kWh energy annually. The 2kw solar panel capacity may vary due to the efficiency of the panels used.

  • How Many kWh does a 2kw Solar system generate?

The power generation rate depends on the presence of shade, the orientation of solar panels, weather, and maintenance. IN summer, the system can produce 7-9kWh per day while the energy generation rate increase in winter up to 14 kWh.

  • What is the Payback for installing a 2kw Solar Panel?

The payback period of the 2KW solar panel is about 4-5 years in Western Australia.

  • How many sunlight hours require producing maximum energy from a 2kW solar power system?

The average sunlight required to generate maximum energy is 4.5 hours. Experts have recommended the sunlight must fall between 11 am-5 pm as it is peak hour of sunshine.

  • How Do I Get the Most out of My PV Solar Panels System?

The solar panels must be installed at the perfect position where maximum sunlight will be received. Also, efficient panels must be used to make a solar power system. You are recommended to hire the professional installer who will visit the site, consider all aspects, and install the solar panels appropriately.

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