30kW Commercial Solar PV System Price in Geraldton and Busselton,WA

The rising utility bills have a significant impact on small businesses and houses in Australia. ON the other hand, the cost of purchasing solar system and installation charges has dropped down in recent years. So solar power has become sustainable and cost efficient in its cities.

In Australia, a 30 KW commercial Solar system is enough to eliminate the electricity bill of small businesses. Also, this size of the solar system is recommended for the houses consuming 110-180 units daily. The 30KW or 30 Kilowatts system can produce almost 3000-4000 kWh of AC per month, which is suitable for businesses like schools, Farmhouses, restaurants, and more.

30kW Solar Power/ Panel systems Installation & Repair in Geraldton and Busselton, WA

If you are interested in a 30kW commercial solar panel system installation at your property, then you must know about all the tips to make bets out of it. A 30kw solar system is a commercial system for generating electricity. So you should make sure if your property is energy efficient or not. Many factors must be considered.


The rooftop must be suitable for installing the solar system. The older building having a weak roof can’t support a solar panel system. But in these cases, the solar panels can be mounted on the ground if the required area is available. The space needed for installing 30 kW solar systems is 180-21m2.


The system must be placed in a direction where it can receive maximum sunlight for at least 6 hours a day.


Solar panels come in different sizes and shapes. The size of the panels must be selected based on the space available on your roof. The required area for the 30kw solar system is 180-210m2.

If you can’t decide, a 30 kW solar system is ideal for your business or not, then contact us. The support team will help you in considering all the factors and install the right size of the system at your property.

Once the solar system is installed, the property owner should take care of the solar panels. These solar system panels must be cleaned regularly. Also, the system should be inspected by the professional once or twice a year. The cleaner will look for fire security issues and other factors which can affect your system performance. Also, these trained professionals will; fix the problems immediately. You can contact us for 30kW commercial solar panel repair services.

Cost of 30Kw Solar Power system in Geraldton and Busselton

The exact cost of the 30Kw Solar system can’t be listed here. The 30kW commercial power system cost depends on the solar panels you have selected the number of solar panels to be installed in a system is about 120-140. The low-quality solar panels will cost you less. But if you want to install the high quality German solar panels, then the 30kW commercial solar panel price may hike up to $55000.

How much Energy will the 30kW Solar System Generate?

30kW commercial solar panel in Australia generates the average power of 110-150 kWh in a single day. But the exact energy production may vary deepening on the factors given below.

Geographical Location

The location of the property plays a vital role. The low wind pressure and clear weather are suitable for the solar power system to work efficiently. If you are living in Geraldton and Busselton, then the power production will be okay. The weather of these two cities is perfect for the solar power system.

The angle of the Solar panel array

Solar panels should be mounted on the roof at a particular tilt angle where the sunlight falls.

Absence of shade

The presence of shadow on the solar panels is not suitable for power production. It will reduce the power generation of the solar cells. So you must select the area where there is no shade.

If you want to get the best output from your solar system, then select the ideal site for installation. The 30 KW Solar power systems can generate up to 60,000 kWh per year if it meets all the standards.

Benefits of 30 KW solar power systems for your Business

Investment in renewable resources is beneficial for businesses. Also, the hike in electricity bills and a decrease in installation cost of the solar power system has attracted the companies towards it. There are many benefits of using commercial 30 KW solar power systems for your business.

  • Reduced operating costs
  • Maintenance-free and reliable
  • Quick Return on Investment (ROI) – between 2.5-4 years
  • Adds value to commercial property

Why choose us for 30kw solar Panels in Geraldton and Busselton, WA

Our 30 KW solar panels and inverters are an ideal solution for many applications. We provide industry-leading products and expert installation services in Geraldton and Busselton. The tier-1 solar panels used by us require low maintenance. Our network spans across Western Australia. We have qualified and trained installers who perform installation and repair tasks. Our solar power systems are cost-effective and maximize your return on investment.

We are experts in residential and commercial solar panels. You will get a range of solar panels options to suit your needs. We are dealing with high quality solar panels. If you want to install and repair the solar power system, then contact us. Our support team is always available for assistance.

 30kW solar Systems/ Panels FAQ

  1. Is there any eligibility criteria needed to be fulfilled by my business for the 30kW solar module system installation?

If your business has medium energy usage and receives annual bills of more than $15000, then you can install this system. Also, the budget, roof area available, permission, and certification are required for 30kW commercial solar power system installation.

2. Is the 30kW solar power system the right size For My Business?

The following factors determine the right size of the solar power system for your business.

  • Available roof space- The required roof space area for 30 KW solar systems is 180-210m2. However, the total area depends on the tilt angle frame needed by the solar panels.
  • Energy consumption– If your business has an average power consumption of 3000-4000 kWh per month.
  • Budget- The business must have a budget to purchase a solar power system and pay installation charges.

If all the above factors are fulfilled, then 30kW is an ideal solar system for your business.

3. Do I get any rebate on 30kW solar array installation in Geraldton and Busselton, WA?

The business and houses installing the solar system up to 100 kWh are receiving an upfront discount on installation charges under energy renewable target scheme. So you will get around 30% off on the system’s price.

4. What is the average Payback Period for the 30kW Solar Power System in Geraldton and Busselton, Western Australia?

The average payback period for the 30 KW solar system is 3 to 5 years.

5. 30kW commercial Solar system suitable For What Type of Businesses?

30 KW solar systems are ideal for small to medium-sized houses and businesses, including small schools, farmhouses, PG, guest houses, restaurants, hotels.

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