40kW Solar Panel System Price in Geraldton and Busselton, WA

Solar Panel systems have become a popular source for generating electricity in Australia. The prices of solar systems have fallen and received a boost in sales. Businesses are installing these systems to reduce electricity bills and secure their investment. A 40 KW solar Panel system, is considered ideal for rapid payback and return of investment. If you are living in Geraldton and Busselton, then the installation of this solar module will be a good idea.

40kW solar Module Installation & Repair in Geraldton and Busselton, WA

The ideal location for installing a solar system is a rooftop. But if you do not have enough space for installing the 40KW system on your roof, then the solar panels can be mounted on the ground. But there should not be any object restraining access to the sun.

After the installation of 40 KW commercial solar panels, you will need to inspect it 3-4 times per year for dirt. Dust, bird droppings, and leaves usually affect the energy generation amount of the system. So solar panels must be cleaned as early as possible. You can clean the panels by yourself. Use sponge and water to clean the spots on the panels. But take care of your safety and be cautious about the sensitivity of the panels. Do not put weight on the panels while cleaning and do not use excessive pressure of water on solar panels.

The solar system requires low maintenance, but the owners are recommended to examine the system in every 3-4 years by the professional. You can contact the installer for inspection and repairing of fire safety issues, cracks, and more problems in your solar power system. So, 40kW commercial solar panel repair and maintenance is an important task

Size and Area required for 40kW Solar PV System

The size of the 40 KW solar system depends on the rooftop area available for panels. The estimated area to be covered by the solar power system is 70%. However, some of the panels cover 90% area of the rooftop. The size of the solar system can be calculated by using the following formula.

Size of solar system = Panel’s rated output*(Rooftop area / each panel area)*70%

The size of the 250W panel is about 1.7×1 m. But the panel’s quantity will have an impact on the area requirement. The quantity of the panels depends on the size of the panel used in the system. Here are some of the popular sizes of panels and their quantity to make 40 KW.

240W = 167 solar panels

250W= 160 solar panels 

260W= 154 solar panels 

300W= 133 solar panels 

Apart from the size and quantity of the panels, the site should be ideal for solar power system installation. The site is selected if it fulfills the following criteria.

  • Space must be shadow-free, where panels can be inclined easily.
  • Panels must be placed where maximum sunshine falls on it during the daytime.

40kW Solar Power system Cost & Output List in Geraldton and Busselton, WA

The cost of the power system is different in all parts of Australia. So you will find the difference in 40kW commercial solar panel price in Geraldton and Busselton. Also, the solar business you selected plays a role in the cost estimation. The estimated 40kW commercial power system cost is $47000-$70000. If you choose the Chinese inverter and panels, then you will get them at a low price. But if you select the German panel and inverter, then you will have to pay more amount. You will get the quote of the system with the exact amount from our assistance.

The output of the solar power system in Geraldton is about 170-190 units per day. It is similar to that in Busselton. The energy production in Busselton is about 172-190 units per day.

  OutputGeraldton Busselton
per Day170KWh-190 KWh172KWh-190KWh
per Month5100KWh-5700KWh5160KWh-5700KWh
per Year62050KWh- 69350kWh62780kWh-69350kWh

The above table shows the estimated output of the 40Kw solar power system in both the cities. However, the data may vary depending on the climatic conditions during certain days of the year.

Is 40 KW the right solar system size for your business?

This system is suitable for all the businesses requiring medium power consumption and receives annual bills of around $20,000. But there are some other factors which play a vital role in selecting the ideal power system. If all elements are satisfied, then 40kW is a suitable solar system for your business.

Free roof space: The 40kW system requires a 200-240m2 area, but it may vary depending on the wattage of panels used in the system.

Energy consumption: The energy requirement is essential for selecting the solar system size. 40Kw solar power system can quickly generate the electricity for a business having 30 employees and average energy consumption.

Budget: The 40KW solar system is expensive. So it depends on your budget if you can pay the cost of installation and solar panels.

Why Are We the Best 40kW Solar Panel System Brand in Geraldton and Busselton, WA?

We are a solar power system installers providing Solar PV panels’ installation and repairing services. We have a professional network of experienced engineers, installers, and contractors. Also, we offer the residential and commercial solar power system at an affordable price in Geraldton and Busselton.


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  • How long do solar panels last?

The standard warranty of the Solar panels is 25 years. The panels will work with 80% efficiency when the warranty period is over. However, if the panels are not cleaned and continuously repaired after several intervals, then the warranty could be affected.

  • How Much Can Wattage 40kW Solar Power System Produce?

40kW commercial solar panel in Australia can produce about 170kWh-190 Kilowatt per hour in a day. These are the estimated figures if we assume that the system has faced 6 sun hours in a day.

  • How much can you save from 40kw solar power?

You can save up to $14000-$20,000 annually from the 40 kW Solar Power system.

  • How much does it cost to install a solar panel?

The cost 40kW commercial solar power system installation is about $47000-$70,000.

  • What are the design standards which 40kW solar power Grid system needs to meet in Geraldton and Busselton, WA?

The 40 KW, solar power grid systems, must contain components like Solar PV (photo-voltaic) array, Solar PV array support structure, solar grid inverter, Protection devices, and Cables. There must be a shadow-free area for the installation of solar panels. The area of rooftop must be 240m2.

  • What is the installation procedure for the 40kW Solar Power System?

If you have solar panels, Grid-tied string inverter, Raking and attachments, system monitoring, and other required equipment, then you can install them. First of all, the racking and mounting system must be installed. Dig deep holes and pour concrete.

Once the raking system is fixed in at ground, the inverter and solar panels must be installed quickly. The inverters must be tied into the grid. If you do not have enough time to install the solar power system by yourself, then you can contact the solar contractor or installer.

  • What is the payback time of the 40 KW solar power systems?

The average payback period of 40 KW, solar power system, is 2 to 5 years.

  • What kind of Business does a 40KW system suit best?

The 40 KW system best suits the medium-sized businesses and organizations, small schools, petrol pumps, large scale homes, farmhouses, restaurants, hotels, PG, and guest houses.

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