4kW Solar Power/ Panel System in Geraldton and Busselton, WA

Investment in Solar power systems is an excellent initiative towards clean energy. In Australia, people have adopted this technology to generate electricity for themselves. The government is providing feed in Tariff and other incentives, which reduces the total cost of installing these panels at home. A 4 kW solar system is considered ideal for the average family of 3-5 people.

A solar system will make your home more environments friendly. Also, the products require low maintenance. The long lifetime of the products ensures to save money. Generate the electricity on your own using a perfect sized solar system based on your requirement.     

4kW Solar Power/ Panel Systems Installation & Repair in Geraldton and Busselton, WA

Installation of a 4kW solar system is a not difficult task if you have purchased integrated solar PV systems. Otherwise, hire a professional. The installation process requires testing various factors. You will not only need to check the home is energy efficient but also where you place the 4kW solar panel. Here are some of the critical factors which must be fulfilled at the time of installation.

  • Make sure that your home is suitable for the 4kWsolar panel installation. Generally, Geraldton and Busselton are considered as the best cities where the output generation rate is high.
  • North facing houses without shade are perfect for installation. The south-facing house will generate comparatively 15% energy.
  • You will require about 21-26m2 area for the 4kW solar panel system. If you are hiring the install is then their first question will be how big your roof is.
  • Shading on the roof will decrease the functionality of the solar system. A solar system produces electricity based on the sunlight it receives. The shade on the panels will block the panels, and less energy will be converted. In this case, the expected energy will not be produced.

If all the above factors are fulfilled, then the 4kW solar panel system will be installed at your roof. Our team of experts is well trained to install and repair solar system. If you need these services the contact us through email or call us now.

4kW Solar Power/ Panel Systems Price in Geraldton and Busselton, WA

The price of the solar system comprises of 4kW solar panel kit and charges of installers. A 4kW solar system price is about $4400-$8400. The cheap system will consist of low-quality solar panels. We recommend you to install high quality and efficiently 4kW solar system for the home.

Earlier, the 4kW solar panel price was $2.24 per watt, but now the rates have decreased to $1.55 per watt. The government incentives and rebates are the factors responsible for the reduction in prices. We have a range of solar panels available to our customers. Our experts will be happy to help you in selecting the quality of panels based on your budget and requirement. 

4kW Solar Panels/ Power Systems Benefits For Home Owners in Geraldton and Busselton

Are you in a dilemma if the 4kW solar panel will be beneficial for you or not? If so, then do not worry. Solar panels come with many benefits. It is a cost efficient solution for increasing electricity bills. The solar panel system can save up to $1480 every year under ideal conditions. Well, the exact saving will be determined by the FIT. Also, the characteristics of your house play a vital role. The power generated by solar panels is clean energy, which is suitable for the environment.

Millions of Australians are enjoying the advantages of solar power systems. The 4kW solar panel size is comparatively less than the other quantity of the system. Also, the government is giving incentives to the people installing solar power systems at their homes. So it is time to go solar.

Choose Best 4kW Solar System Provider Company in Geraldton and Busselton, Australia

It might be a difficult decision about installing a solar panel system alone. But we will help you in selecting the right solar panels for you. Our team is working flexibly to assist the clients in choosing panels that suit their energy needs. We have a range of solar panels having low to high quality. Our prices are genuine and lower than many other companies. Well, most of the companies claim to provide standard products, but they fail to do so. WE assure you that our products are certified.

Our team of experts analyzes all the factors which can reduce the efficiency of the solar panels. They make sure high functionality of the system. Contact us for details, prices, and quotes of the 4kW solar power system.

4kW Solar Systems/ Panels FAQ

  • How much output does a 4kw solar panel produce?

A 4kW solar panel system off-grid and on-grid produce the same amount of energy in a day. The power generation rate depends on the weather, absence of shade, amount of sunlight received, and the efficiency of the panels. The average output is about 14-20kWh per day while it can produce more than 15000kWh annually.

  • What are the Dimensions of the 4kw solar panel?

The standard dimensions of a solar panel are 1.6 x 1m. The solar panel size for 4kW may vary if the wattage of a solar panel is increased. A solar panel capacity can lie between 250 and 400 Watt.

  • What is the capacity of a 4kw solar power system?

The 4kW solar panel capacity is 4000 Watt. This system will require 10-16 solar panels. The batteries are required to store the energy.

  • What is the average daily power generated by a 4kW solar power system?

The average daily power generated by a 4kW solar panel is 14-20kWh. In summer, the rate of production increases while it decreases in winter. Also, the condition of the solar panels is responsible for the power generation rate.

  • How much Space Does a 4kw Solar Panel Require?

The dimensions of the panels specify the 4kW solar panel area. A single panel will require a 1.6m2 space. But the size of the solar panel may differ if panel with high wattage is installed. The size of the high efficiency panel is 20% bigger than the standard size.

  • What is the roof space area taken by a 4kW solar power system?

The area for the 4kW solar panel will determine the roof space. It will require 264-400 sq — feet of roof space.

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